Over the last couple of years, I have identified sacrifices that I wanted to make in the upcoming year in an attempt to live my life in a more self-controlled manner. In 2013, I totally eliminated eating fast food (except Chick-Fil-A!). And in 2014, I decided not to purchase any new clothing for the year (that only lasted till about June!).

This year, I am going to attempt to make the biggest lifestyle change I have ever made. I have decided to limit my wardrobe (excluding underwear and socks) to 35 items. 

Before 2016 begins, I will pack up all my other clothes, jackets, and shoes, put them in the garage, and only allow myself to wear clothes from the items listed below. (There are only 29 items listed, but I'm allowing myself to add a maximum of 6 more.)

On the outset, this may seem silly to you, but here are the three primary reasons why I've decided to live my life in this way during the upcoming year. 

1. Eliminate Clothing Purchases

I have been quite frustrated with how easily I am convinced that I "need" a particular item of clothing or pair of shoes. By limiting myself to wearing only the 35 items listed below, it is my intention that I will break free from the delusion that purchasing more clothes is necessary. I have enough. It's time my spending habits reflected this reality.

2. Simplify Decision Making

Because I have identified myself as a professional runner, writer, reader, and leader, in the upcoming year, I want the majority of my brain energy to go towards making sound, solid decisions in those areas of my life. With only 35 items to choose from, I look forward to spending very little mind space (if any) on what I am going to wear! 

3. Reduce Image Concern

In the Social Media driven world in which we live, it is very easy to get overly caught up in how you look. With that said, I have found myself unnecessarily pursuing an image that I, frankly, no longer want to keep up with! By choosing only 35 items to wear throughout the year I am intentionally deciding to not place the value of my image on having a varied, extensive wardrobe. 

With my reasons for this decisions stated, here are a few closing thoughts. Firstly, these are my convictions for this upcoming year. This post was not written to condemn or criticize people who choose to live their life differently. For the last 33 years of my life I have not lived my life like this so who am I to judge!

Secondly, I am going to try this out for a year and see how it goes. Once 2017 arrives, I may decide to expand my wardrobe like never before, I may decide to continue with what I did in 2016, or I may choose to do some combination of the two! Regardless, this is not a lifelong commitment, but it is a one year test.

Finally, I would like to challenge you to ask yourself, "How can I live a more self-controlled life in 2016?" I encourage you to really invest some time reflecting on sacrifices, adjustments, and commitments you can make in 2016 to exercise a greater degree of self-control in your daily life. My assumption is that whatever you decide to do will serve you and the people you love very well!

Now, for the list...  

Casual Apparel

  1. Black Nike Sweats
  2. Black Nike Sweats
  3. Dark Grey Nike Sweats
  4. Black Nike Short-Sleeve Shirt
  5. Black Nike Short-Sleeve Shirt
  6. Black Nike Short-Sleeve Shirt
  7. Black Nike Short-Sleeve Shirt
  8. Black Nike Long-Sleeve Shirt
  9. Black Nike Long-Sleeve Shirt
  10. Black Nike Long-Sleeve Shirt
  11. Black Nike Pullover
  12. Black Nike Rain Jacket
  13. Black Nike Air Max 2015 Shoes
  14. Black Nike Free Run 5.0 Shoes

Business Casual Apparel

  1. Black Express Jeans
  2. Dark Blue Express Jeans
  3. Black Express Long-Sleeve Collared Shirt
  4. Black/Grey Express Long-Sleeve Collared Shirt
  5. Black Air Jordan 1 Shoes

Exercise Apparel

  1. Black Nike Running Shorts
  2. Black Nike Running Shorts
  3. Black Nike Short-Sleeve Running Shirt
  4. Black Nike Running Pants
  5. Dark Grey Nike Running Pants
  6. Black SF Half-Marathon Long-Sleeve Running Shirt
  7. Dark Grey SF Half-Marathon Long-Sleeve Running Shirt
  8. Black Oakland Half-Marathon Short-Sleeve Running Shirt
  9. Black San Jose Half-Marathon Short-Sleeve Running Shirt
  10. Black Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 Shoes

Note: Because I will be officiating at least 3 weddings this year, I will also make available my black suit, my dress shirts, black ties, and black dress shoes!