Creatives create. But how? How does one consistently come up with new melodies, paintings, screenplays, blog posts, lyrics, ideas, poems, books, and recipes? The reality is, there are many ways.

But today, I heard an idea that I thought was so poignant and timely. If you've been reading the blog over the last several days, you know that I am going to take writing more seriously than I ever have before. I'm turning pro! I've committed to writing at least 200 words a day, but what scares me about that is: where will I come up with content to write each day? Here's the thought that I think will help me:

"You don't get to create great stuff if you don't curate great stuff." - Jon Acuff

If I want to be a continual creator, I must be a consistent curator. A curator of thoughts, ideas, questions, and quotes. To think that I can arrive at a blank page each day without a "well" to draw from is absurd. I must curate.

I've decided to consistently create both new blog posts and sermons (my two primary creative outlets) by committing to curating from books, blogs, and podcasts. Consistently feeding my mind from these three sources has and will continue to drive my creative productivity. Curation before creation. 

With this idea in mind, from where will you curate? From where will you be motivated to create? From where will you be inspired to act? 

Decide to be a curator. Choose where you will curate from. Make a commitment to curate each day.

Your next work of art is depending on it.