There are 23 days remaining in 2015, and many of you have decided that your new workout regimen, your new eating plan, your new hobby, your new commitment, your new discipline, or your new approach to life will begin in 23 days. I get it. This is what most people do.  

But I am not most people, and if you are reading this post there is a great chance that neither are you. My new year starts today. The focus. The commitment. The approach. It all starts today. It all starts today because I've had an epiphany, and to explain what I mean, this brief excerpt from Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro should help:

The essence of epiphanies is the stripping away of self-delusion. We thought we were X. Now suddenly we see we're minus X. We're X divided by infinity. There is great power in this moment. We've lost something, yes. A cherished self-delusion must be abandoned, and this hurts. But what we have gained is the truth. Our bullshit falls away. The scales drop from our eyes. In that moment we have two options: We can reconstitute our bullshit. Or we can turn pro.

I've decided to "turn pro." 

No longer will I live under the self-delusion that my current level of commitment and discipline is going to cut it. No longer will I think to myself, "Well compared to everyone else at least I..." No longer will I be satisfied in performing like an amateur. 

Sure I've run a few miles. Sure I've written some blog posts. Sure I've read a good amount of books. Sure I've done a decent job leading in my home and on my job. And though I have been appreciated and applauded for the results that I have produced in these areas thus far, the truth is, I've done all these things like an amateur. And that's not going to cut it for me anymore. 

I've got more in me. A deeper commitment to my health. A more consistent output of creativity. A greater hunger for learning. A more inspiring and empowering approach to leadership. Overall, a more disciplined life. I've got it in me. 

I have chosen to "go pro" in four areas of life. And for clarity for both myself and yourself, this is what "going pro" in each of these four areas looks like to me. 


And as a "pro," I will run at least a 5K everyday. Rain or shine. Busy or not. I will run at least 3.1 miles every. single. day. Running invigorates me. Running makes a positive investment into my overall health. Running satisfies me. I always feel better for having run than for having not run. I am a professional runner and as such I run 100 miles a month.  


And as a "pro," I will post at least a 200-word blog post everyday. Enthused or confused. Inspired or not. I will post to edwardpaz.com every. single. day. Writing challenges me. Writing forces me to think critically. Writing provides an outlet for me to share my best ideas. I always feel better for having written than for having not written. I am a professional writer and as such I write 6,000 words a month. 


And as a "pro," I will read at least 20 pages of a book everyday. Focused or distracted. Feeling it or not. I will read and pull quotes from my reading every. single. day. Reading relaxes me. Reading expands my vocabulary. Reading inspires me. I always feel better for having read than for having not read. I am a professional reader and as such I read 600 pages a month.   


And as a "pro," I will lead by serving my wife and my team everyday. Feeling selfless or feeling selfish. Excited or not. I will, through a tangible act of service, lead both my wife and my team every. single. day. Leading invigorates me. Leading multiplies my influence. Leading is my unique responsibility. I always feel better for having lead than for having not lead. I am a professional leader and as such I will complete 60 acts of service a month.

There it is. My decision to "go pro" has been made. And it all starts with these 23 days leading up to 2016. Today I have already run my 5k. These are my 200+ words written for the day. I read 20+ pages of Turning Pro, and immediately after I publish this post I am going to serve my wife and my team. 

My New Year starts today. Because by doing so I will enter 2016 with a priceless possession that if you start today you can have as well...MOMENTUM.