#555 - WHAT'S NEXT?

January is complete. I have led myself and our church through a 21-Day Fast that has been both eye-opening for me and fruitful for our church family. The question now is, what's next?

As I aim to make 2018 the most fruitful, productive, and God-honoring year of my life, I must be able to answer the question, "what's next?" with clarity and conviction. If I don't, focus is absent, days are wasted, and time is lost. As a leadership mentor of mine (Andy Stanley) poignantly states, "Leadership is a stewardship, and you will be held accountable."

Here are a list of questions (along with my answers) that I am asking myself that are helping me to focus that I encourage you to ask yourself as well. 

Next major, short-term self-leadership activity goal?

Blog, read Bible, and journal prayers of praise daily. 

Next major, short-term organizational leadership activity goal?

Diligently study/prepare for the 3 messages in our upcoming "SEXOLOGY" series. 

Next major, short-term self-leadership productivity goal?

28 new blog posts. Bible Reading Plan completed through Deuteronomy 20 and Psalm 59. 28 new journal entries. 

Next major, short-term organizational leadership productivity goal?

225 people at our March 11 Sunday Service for Part One of "SEXOLOGY."