Are you challenging yourself? 

To compete harder. To achieve greater. To dig deeper. 

Are you challenging yourself?

To create better. To persevere longer. To reach higher.  

I encourage you on this first week of the second quarter of 2016, to make the decision to pursue a goal that will require you to push yourself to your mental, physical, vocational, or relational limits.

There is more inside of you.

More fight. More creativity. More value. More athleticism. More love. More contribution. More effort. More influence. More desire. More achievement. 

There is more for you to accomplish.
There is more for you to experience.
There is more for you to conquer.

But you must be aware,

Your "more" is always at war with your "less."

The war is real. The war is relentless. The war is always being fought.

But you have a weapon - CHOICE. So, wield this weapon and choose "more."

And do it quickly before "less" chooses itself.