If there is one thing you can count on never having a shortage of, it is...excuses

Excuses for why you can't.
Excuses for why you shouldn't
Excuses for why you won't.

Excuses to prevent you from starting.
Excuses to keep you from continuing.
Excuses to stop you from finishing.

And the reason why you'll never have a shortage of excuses? Anything can be an excuse.

Let me say that again just in case you missed it. If you are looking for an excuse not to do something, you WILL find one because anything can be an excuse. 

Your age. Your race. Your socioeconomic status. Your parents. Your kids. Your education. Your religion. Your past. Your job. Your schedule. Your friends. Your President. The weather.

When an excuse is what you want, an excuse is what you will find.

My challenge to you is to not let the direction of your life be driven by your excuses. Do not let your future be determined by your excuses. Do not let your legacy be defined by your excuses.

Instead, allow the outcome of your life to be decided by a much more powerful force...