Failed goals.
Unmet expectations.
Frustrated plans.
Disappointing days.

For an "A-type" personality like mine, many times, these "bumps in the road" can be overwhelming and, at times, they can even be depressing. Discouragement can overtake me, and thoughts of quitting can begin to creep in.  

But what I've found is this: my frustration is usually at its' peak when I take my eyes off of my long-term goals thereby putting unnecessary emphasis and pressure on my short-term results.  

Craig Groeschel, Pastor of Life.Church says it this way,

You’ll very likely over estimate what God wants to do through you in the short run, but you’ll grossly underestimate what God can do with a lifetime of faithfulness.

In an effort to focus my energies on a "lifetime of faithfulness," I thought it would be a worthwhile thought exercise to think through the major roles in my life and write out specific long-term goals (and accompanying habits) that I can remain focused on and be faithful to even if the short-term results I'd like to see aren't coming to fruition.

By the age of 50 (in 16 years) I...

  1. As a runner, I run 10,000 miles. (50 miles/month; 13 miles/week) 
  2. A reader, I read, pull quotes from, and reflect on 200 books. (1 book/month; 100 pages/week)
  3. As a writer, I write 5,000 blog posts. (25 posts/month; 6 posts/week)
  4. As a leader, I have 3,500 one-on-one leadership development conversations. (20/month; 5 conversations/week)   

But enough about me.

How will you measure a "lifetime of faithfulness?" What are the simple daily disciplines that you will commit yourself to that, over the long run, will yield you the long-term goals you desire?

Determine. Commit. Act.

Your God-given potential awaits!