Whatever good things we build end up building us.
Jim Rohn

The benefits to pursuing the dreams you have within you are many, but after nearly three years of pursuing that which I believe I was created to do, there are five benefits in particular which stick out to me the most. They are:


I am first and foremost thankful for the hope that my dream provides.  Regardless of the various circumstances I may experience that may not be to my liking, having a dream to pursue has allowed me to maintain a positive expectancy for my future.


Being a dreamer has also lead me to experience a life full of excitement, risk and exploration.  Though carrying out the work of making a dream come true is not always easy, I am very thankful that my dream allows me to engage myself in work that stimulates me and requires me to use the gifts and talents I have been given.


By not really knowing what doors may open as a result of following my dream, I am also grateful for the sense of anticipation that this journey has allowed me to experience.  I am overcome by an anticipation and curiosity for whom my dream may serve next, where around the world my dream may take me next and what future positive impact my dream will have on others.


My dream is to see people enthusiastically discover, develop and display their dream.  Therefore the greatest rewards I’ve enjoyed and am grateful for are the testimonies and stories of those people whose dreams are being advanced as a result of my work.  It brings me such joy and fulfillment every time I see progress in the dreams of those around me!

Tough Skin

Though I may not appreciate it in the moment, the obstacles that I have faced along my dream journey have developed within me a “tough skin” that I am very grateful for.  Along with dreaming comes pain, letdowns, hardship and disappointment, but all of those “negative” feelings are building within me a sense of resilience that I know I would not be developed within me otherwise.

To follow your dream is to follow your heart!

The benefits of HopeExcitementAnticipationRewards and Tough Skin have been well worth every difficulty that has come along with being one who is committed to following my dream.

I encourage you to not only continue to pursue your dream, but also take the time to reflect on the many benefits that dreaming has provided for you!