Your frustration may be your allocation.
T.D. Jakes

The fulfillment of your dream begins with the discovery of your deepest, most sincere burden, and the following 10 questions will guide you in doing just that!

What community, state, national or world issues:

  • anger, frustrate, disturb or sadden you most?
  • make you feel like if you don’t do something about it, no one else will?
  • can you not ignore, even if you tried?
  • do you invest your spare time thinking of creative solutions for?
  • do you find yourself educating yourself about?
  • are most contrary to your values and beliefs?
  • do you find yourself getting in “heated” discussions or debates about?
  • have brought you to tears?
  • would you pursue solving if you knew you only had one year to live?
  • would you pursue solving if you knew you could not fail?