On March 1, 2010, my wife’s father passed away.

The time since his death has not been easy for either of us. The grief we have experienced has been difficult to handle.

But, this time has provided for me an opportunity to put my own life into perspective.

Specifically, this loss, to my wife and I, has revealed to me three aspects of life that I previously took for granted. I now understand, more than ever, that:

1. Life is BRIEF.

I must not take for granted the days, weeks, months and years that I have been given. I must live and love each day with an understanding that it very well could be my last. I will seize the day.

2. Life is BEAUTIFUL.

Music. Nature. Art. Family. Friends. There are so many aspects of life that make it absolutely enjoyable to live.  I must not allow myself to take for granted the beauty that surrounds me each day. I will appreciate God’s beautiful creation.

3. Life is a BLESSING.

Because I am alive, I am blessed. My hands able to create. My brain able to think. My heart able to love. And because I have been blessed with this gift of life, I choose to be a blessing to others.

With a greater understanding of the brevity, beauty and blessing of life, I have re-committed myself to enthusiastically pursuing every dream that has been placed within me. Time is of the essence.

I wish to die empty of every purpose for which I was created, and I encourage you to desire to do the same.