In 40 days, I will have the privilege of going to Cancun with my wife to officiate the wedding a friend from college. I will then fly from Cancun to Houston to watch my nephew graduate from nursing school. I will then have several days in Texas to enjoy a silence and solitude retreat. I will then fly from Houston to Oklahoma to officiate the wedding of one of my staff members. Then, I will fly to Reno to attend the Acts 29 West Conference. Then, I will lead our staff through a 3 day planning off-site. 

In other words, in 40 days, I will spend 19 days away from home to enjoy and be a part of a bunch of exciting experiences! 

But as much as I am looking forward to the 19 days away, the next 40 days are critical. The next 40 days I must be laser-focused. The next 40 days I must bring my A-game. The next 40-days I must leave it all on the field in the following areas:


  • Preaching 3-part Sexology series.
  • Preaching Easter Sunday.
  • Preaching first two parts of our series through the book of John.
  • Leading 5 Monday Night Prayer Meetings.
  • Leading 5 Staff Meetings.
  • Leading 1 Strategic Team Meeting.
  • Leading 1 Pastoral Team Meeting.
  • Pastoring/Serving Staff and Congregation through 1-1 meetings. 


  • Reading the Bible daily.
  • Journaling Prayers of Praise daily.
  • Writing/Posting 1 Blog Post daily.
  • Posting a photograph daily.
  • Fixing bed daily.
  • Playing basketball 3-4 times/week.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

In 40 days, a reward of rest, relaxation, and renewal awaits!!!