It’s not leading those who follow you.
It’s not leading your peers.
It’s not even leading those who are “above” you.

Your toughest leadership challenge is…

Leading yourself.

Physical and Health.
Family and Home.
Spiritual and Ethical.
Mental and Educational.
Financial and Career.
Social and Cultural.

In every area of life…

Self-leadership is key.

The big idea is this…

The best gift you can give the people you lead is a healthy, energized, fully surrendered, and focused self. And no one can make that happen in your life except you.- Bill Hybels

In regards to your health…lead yourself.
In regards to your pace…lead yourself.
In regards to your integrity…lead yourself.
In regards to your development…lead yourself.

Lead yourself.

If you don’t, you will soon be of no value to those who follow you.