Though there are many ways in which you are NOT like God:

You are selfish.
You are prideful.
You are worried.
You are deceitful.
You are impatient.

(I know that doesn’t sound very nice, but you’d agree right?)

There is one specific way that you are like God:

You are a creator.

Everyday, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you are creating.

You create solutions.
You create memories.
You create experiences.
You create opportunities.

You are a creator.

With that said, the question I’d like you to consider, on this day, is this…

What are you creating?

Are you proud of what you are creating?
Are you ashamed of what you are creating?
Are you satisfied with what you are creating ?

Whether you like what you are creating or not, this is my encouragement to you:

Invest your time creating that which makes the world a better place.

Because when you do, you are putting on display the very nature of God that is within you.

And who wouldn’t want to do that?