The car that you drive, whether fancy or not
Has nothing to do with your worth.
For your value is not found in the things that you own,
But in “the gift” you were given at birth.

The house, the job, even the multiple degrees –
They do not tell the whole story.
More important to know is when you were conceived,
Inside you there was placed glory.

But if this is true then why do we pursue
All this “stuff” to give our life meaning?
I would venture to say it is only because
You have yet to see yourself gleaming.

Gleaming? Yes…gleaming!

If you were only aware of your “shine” within,
Your masterpiece yet to be played,
You would focus not on the things of this world,
But on “that something” for which you were made.

“Jack of all trades and master of none” –
I tell you this won’t be your fate.
In this lifetime you will discover and display
That work in which you will be great

And when your days are over,
And your life on this earth has been sealed,
You can be sure that the world would have seen…
Your greatest value revealed.