There is a call that is on your life,
A specific purpose why you were made.
You have a reason for living.
Don’t let your destiny fade.

It is within you.
You were created, for it, just right.
You have everything you need to make your purpose a reality,
But you have to be willing to fight.

Fight through your feelings – you must.
Because when your assignment has been made known,
It won’t be long, the time will soon come
When you will start to feel alone.

Will anyone help me?
Will it ever be completed?
Will there be enough money?
Or will I just end up defeated?

I do not have these answers,
But there is one thing that I know –
As you are absolutely faithful to your call
Provision, Strength and Inspiration always seem to show.

I call this faithfulness:
The Faithfulness of the Few”
Because history has clearly shown,
Only a few will make it through.

Make it through doubts and make it through fears –
not many will do it.
Most will never complete what they were created to do
Because they choose not to press on, they choose to not work through it.

Those who will stay faithful to their call, faithful through it all –
there will only be a few.
So in closing, I kindly ask…
Will one of the few be you?