Here is my best attempt to communicate, what I believe to be…

The Definition of Your Dream

To combine your passions and skills to make a unique, significant and positive impact on the world.

The Definition Breakdown

To combine your passions

You have a love and a consuming desire for something.  Whether it be music, art, technology, government, politics, education, sports, law, agriculture, animals, design, etc. – the point is, you are passionate about something.  This is where your dream begins.

and skills

You have skills. Whether you can sing, dance, write, communicate, play an instrument, listen, empathize, draw, organize, lead, delegate, plan, create, cook, etc. – your skills will be used to make your dream a reality.

to make a unique

The impact you will make on the world around you will be unique to you.  You will not make an impact that has already been made.

For example, if your passions and skills are in the field of computers, your dream is not to make the same impact as a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.  Your dream is to make an impact and a contribution that has yet to be made!


No one desires to leave an insignificant or small impact on those around them.  If the truth be told, you don’t just want to make a unique impact on your world, you want to make a unique and significant impact on your world!

and positive impact

We cannot only define the dream as being a unique and significant.  Many have made a unique and significant impact on the world that has been negative!  Your dream is for your impact to be a positive one!

on the world.

Whether your dream is to make a difference in one person’s life are in the lives of millions of people around the world, your dream, when fulfilled, will inevitably make the world a better place!