In Part One of this two-part blog post, I discussed the first four types of dreamers that I have come across in my lifetime.

In today’s post, I provide for you four more types of dreamers that I hope you will avoid becoming!

Get Rich Quick Gary

  • Because he day dreams of his days off, he pursues opportunities with immediate payoff.
  • Defining Character Trait: Laziness.
  • Favorite Phrase: “If it means no work and lots of money…I’m in!
  • Cure: A Reality Check.

Cautious Carmen

  • Because she’s so afraid to fail, on her every dream she’s sure to bail.
  • Defining Character Trait: Fear.
  • Favorite Phrase: “But what if it doesn’t work?”
  • Cure: Bravery.

Prideful Patrick

  • Because he has all the answers, he never asks any questions.
  • Defining Character Trait: Cockiness.
  • Favorite Phrase: “Yeah, I know how to do that already.”
  • Cure: Humility.

Tag Along Tammy

  • Because who she’s with is more important than what shes’ doing.
  • Defining Character Trait: Follower.
  • Favorite Phrase: “If you do it, I’ll do it!”
  • Cure: Initiative.