Having interacted with hundreds of “dreamers” over the last several years, I have come across a few common profiles that I’m hoping you will avoid.

Overambitious Oliver

  • Because he’s doing it all, nothing is being done at all.
  • Defining Character Trait: Overcommitment.
  • Favorite Phrase: “Yeah, I’m gonna’ pursue that too!
  • Cure: Focus.

Backburner Brenda

  • Because the timing is never right, her dreams never see the light.
  • Defining Character Trait: Procrastination.
  • Favorite Phrase: “I just don’t have time for that right now.”
  • Cure: Urgency.

Parental Pleasing Peter

  • Because he’s trying to make daddy proud, pursuing his real dream is not allowed.
  • Defining Character Trait: Cowardice.
  • Favorite Phrase: “I’m not sure my mom would be too happy about that.”
  • Cure: Courage.

Super Spiritual Samantha

  • Because she’s so heavenly minded, she’s no earthly good.
  • Defining Character Trait: Apathy.
  • Favorite Phrase: “I wish the Lord would just take me to heaven already!”
  • Cure: Compassion.

In tomorrow’s post, I will share four more dreamer profiles. Stay tuned!