In addition to the THREE REMINDERS that I posted about yesterday, there are also “Two Warnings” that I want to keep in my mind as I prepare for my much anticipated presentation this Thursday.

Hopefully these warnings can be a value to you, as well, in whatever endeavors you may be pursuing in the near future!

Warning #1 : If I fail to prepare, I must prepare to fail.

I must come prepared.

My outline must be ready. My powerpoint presentation must be tested and ready. My handout must be ready. The props I am using on stage must be ready. My outfit must be ready. My introduction must be ready. My conclusion must be ready.

Over the next couple of days, I must take the time necessary to make sure every aspect of my talk, from start to finish, is ready. I must come prepared.

Warning #2 : Pride comes before the fall.

I must remain humble.

Though I’m being flown in to give this talk, though my hotel is being comped by the company to give this talk and though I’m being paid a “pretty penny” to deliver the talk…I cannot allow myself to become prideful.

This is an honor. This is a privilege. Let me not forget that it wasn’t too long ago when I was giving these talks and presentations for free. Let me not forget that every blessing comes from above. Let me not forget that everyone whom I meet this week has equal value in the sight of God.  I am not a big deal.  I must remain humble.

Come prepared and remain humble.

Will you heed to these two warnings as well?