This Thursday, February 10, is a very big day.

I have been given the high privilege and responsibility of delivering a “motivational talk” to the senior leaders of the Western Region of the Iron Mountain Corporation.

Though I am very excited about the presentation I will be giving (they are flying me out to the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas to give it!), at the same time, I am also pretty nervous.  Not only will I have the daunting task of inspiring this group of managers and executives, but I will have to do it knowing that I am very likely the youngest person in the room!

With that said, in an effort to keep myself focused on the task at hand and not overwhelmed by the size of the opportunity, I have come up with three reminders that I am hoping will assist me in delivering this talk with excellence.

1. Be Yourself

The talk I will be giving, I have given many times before. Don’t try to get fancy.

Though this will be a “high caliber” audience, I must not attempt to be someone I am not. They will be able to sniff that out from a mile away! I must be myself.

2. Be Enthusiastic

The information I will be sharing, if applied, can be life changing. If these leaders take this information and apply it to their business and personal lives, the course of their lives could be changed forever!

With that in mind, I must present the information with energy and passion. I must transfer my belief in the concepts to the audience. I must be enthusiastic.

3. Have Fun

To give this presentation is a dream come true! To share my goal-setting materials (that I started sharing with my family members over five years ago) to corporate leaders, in Las Vegas…what an opportunity!

I’m confident that if I’m having full while I present, the audience will have fun too. If I am enjoying myself while speaking, the audience will enjoy themselves too. I must have fun.

Though writing this post was an exercise that I wanted to do to prepare myself for my talk, it is my hope that you can use the concepts of “Be Yourself,” Be Enthusiastic” and “Have Fun” in whatever opportunities or experiences lie ahead of you!