I have never been more excited about giving a message in my life!

Today I began putting the slides together for the message I will be giving at our Grand Opening Service on September 15, and as the message began to come together in my head, I became overwhelmed with an excitement to preach like never before!

I'm excited because I feel like I have an incredible secret to share! 

In the teaching series we did through our Preview Service, Freed from Religion, I felt that I had an incredible secret to share about what the message of Christianity is. But for our next series, The Secret Heart of Christianity, I feel that I have an incredible secret to share about who the message of Jesus Christ is for!

For so long I felt that the message of Jesus Christ was for immoral and irreligious people who needed to get their act together! And though the message of Christianity is, to a certain extent, for those kind of people, the message of Jesus Christ is MORE for a whole other category of people who I'm convinced don't even know that the message is for them!

I'm so excited to share this incredible secret! 

I anticipate that it will be a pleasant surprise to people who don't believe in Christ and an even bigger surprise to those who do!