There is no doubt that the journey that I have embarked upon, as a Lead Pastor of a brand-new church in the city of Oakland, is going to be a difficult one. Though this journey will include many joys, victories and successes, I am also aware of the fact that there are also going to be various obstacles, disappointments, frustrations and hurts. Pain will be present.

But tonight, I am comforted by the reality that, even in the midst of any present or future pain, I am supported.

I am supported by a group of people who love me, believe in me and are fully committed to my pursuit of God's call on my life.

These people include:

  • My Wife - the one who's support I could not live without.
  • My Family - the group of people who knew me and loved me before I was "Pastor Edward."
  • My Sending Church - the group of people who originally confirmed and continually affirm God's calling on me to plant a church.
  • My Core Team - the group of people who are in the trenches with me week in and week out.
  • My Partner Churches - the group of churches who believe in the vision God has given theMOVEMENT and are supporting it with prayer, provision and people!

And last but not least...

  • My Savior - the One who has promised that because He began a good work in me, He will be faithful to complete it!

I am so thankful for the many people who stand behind me and beside me as I pursue the call of God on my life. It is because of them that, even in the midst of fear and uncertainty, I can move forward with courage and boldness!