For the most part, people are only going to do the things that are most comfortable for them to do. Very few people are actually wired to push themselves. Very few people are actually self-motivated enough to do the uncomfortable things that would cause them to grow. Very few people "lean into" the "tough stuff."

Sometimes this is because of fear. Other times this is because of a lack of accountability. And then there are the occasions where people don't stretch themselves because they don't know how. There are actually many situations where someone is not pushing themselves because they have no clue in regards to the best way to do it.

With all this in mind, over the last several weeks, I have found myself growing in my ability to ask questions to identify where someone is at, make a recommendation on the "tough thing" I believe they should do next, gain their agreement on doing it, and hold them accountable until they do. 

When my life is all said and done, one of the things I want people to say about me is that I pushed them to do things that they would've never done without my encouragement. 

At the end of the day, isn't that what a leader does? If a leader isn't doing that, then what is it that is making them a leader? If a leader isn't helping someone accomplish something that they could've accomplished without them, then why is the leader there?

I encourage you to push the people you lead towards the "hard thing." Push. Prod. Persist. You will be a better leader because of it, and the people you lead will be better people because of your commitment to their potential.