For whatever reason, over the last year, God has been sending our church "ready-made" leaders...one right after another! Leaders who love the Lord deeply. Leaders who have previous ministry experience. Leaders who are mature in their walk with Jesus. But, he is not just sending us individuals, he is sending us families who are bought in to the mission and the vision of theMOVEMENT and want to "roll up their sleeves" and get to work! It is incredible.

I am overwhelmed by how God would move upon people's hearts in such a way that they would not only join our church, but, in doing so, make personal sacrifices to make it possible. There is no greater joy than seeing God do things that only God can do! 

But with all this taking place, if I'm being honest, as the Lead Pastor of this church, I feel very responsible for not messing this up! I desire to lead in such a way that keeps our church in a position to continue to receive God's blessings. I don't want to be a hindrance!   

As I've reflected upon what I can do to lead well during this time, this phrase seems to keep coming to my mind,

Steward those you've been sent.

Steward them. Care for them well. Love them where they are, and lead them to where God desires them to be. Don't love them for what they can do for you, love them for who they are to God. Help them to fulfill the purposes for which they've been created. Do what's best for them, not what's best for the church.

Steward those you've been sent.

Nothing in this earth is my own. Everything and everybody is the Lord's. Created by Him, for Him. I am just a steward. A caretaker. A manager. Caring for the blessings of God in such a way that they can be a blessing to God. As I care for them, God will care for me. 

Steward those you've been sent.

Because if I can do this well, God may be pleased to send me more!