#629 - TEXAS DAY 1

Didn't get to sleep in today.
Dante's Pinning Ceremony.
So proud of and inspired by his diligence and hard work!
Found a great deal on Ticketmaster for tickets to this Sunday's Warriors vs. Spurs playoff game in San Antonio. 3rd Row from the floor! Right next to the Warrior's bench!
Dante's Graduation Ceremony.
Long. Really long.
Got a bit of buyer's remorse about the Warriors tickets. Put them back up for sale on Ticketmaster to see if I can turn a profit. If they sell, I'll come up close to $600! If they don't sell, my wife and I will get to see a great game up close!
Dinner. Mexican Food.
Cavs lost. (Happy about this.)
As I prepare to go to sleep tonight, I seriously wonder how much I could accomplish if I worked as hard as Dante had to over the last several years to graduate from his nursing program?!?
Thanks Dante for pushing me to be better.