#628 - CANCUN DAY 4

Slept in. Again.
Checked out at 1pm.
Ate one last buffet lunch.
Almost missed our ride to the airport. We thought we were leaving at 2:45. It was 2:25!
Driver sped us over. He educated us on Cancun. It's a city that's only been in existence for 50 years! I had no idea!
Flight was delayed.
Boarded at 6:30ish.
Final thought about Cancun - MUCH BETTER than Cabo. Cleaner and classier. 
Arrived in Houston at 8:30ish.
Just in time to watch the Dubs beat the Spurs on my TNT app!
Was picked up by my mother-in-law and nephew and drove to Galveston.
First meal in Houston - WHATABURGER! (The gravy is off tha' chain!)
Looking forward to celebrating my nephew's graduation from nursing school tomorrow.
Second leg of trip starts now!