A few reflections on my 26-day "Summer Sabbatical"...

  1. The more solitude I experienced, the more rest I enjoyed.
  2. I was not worried about the church because I was confident in my team.
  3. Detaching from my work diminished the level of my identity in my work. 
  4. Though leadership development happened in my presence, it was multiplied in my absence. 
  5. Caring for me equipped me to more effectively care for you
  6. My focus need not be on increasing the capacity of my "cup," it needs to be on engaging in the activities that keep my "cup" full. 
  7. I cannot fail at home and succeed in ministry. If I have failed at home, I have failed. 
  8. My rhythm of rest is just as important as my regimen for work. 
  9. A culture of rest starts with a leader who rests. 
  10. If I am unhealthy, I cannot lead anything in a healthy way.
  11. The quieter I got, the louder God became. 
  12. How I lead is impacted greatly by what I read. 
  13. Mentors won't come to me, I must go to them.
  14. I'd rather a mentor offend me with the truth than pacify me with a lie. 
  15. If I am feeling overworked and under-rested it is because I have allowed it. 
  16. Periodically doing nothing is the most mission-advancing thing I can do. 
  17. Good food with close friends was great fun.
  18. I loved being appreciated for the person I am not the pastoring I do. 
  19. It is very freeing to not need to be needed.
  20. Letting go is a sign of growing up.
  21. Too serious. Not Sabbath. 
  22. When the Gospel is real to me, rest is a reality for me.
  23. Being present with my family is a gift to my family.
  24. If I can't leave, I haven't led. 
  25. My internal health is more important than my external production. 
  26. For me, a month-long "summer sabbatical" is not a luxury, it is a necessity.