My talk went great.

I was enthusiastic, the crowd was involved and when I stepped off the stage, the VP that had hired me to give the presentation said…You nailed it.

In addition to his kind words, I also had several of the other VP’s in the company express interest in me doing some local presentations in their Sacramento, Southern California, Seattle and Denver markets! To say that I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback would be an understatement!

My dreams are coming true!

But as I reflect on this journey, I realize, more than ever before, the importance of my attitude towards the “smaller” opportunities that preceded these “bigger” opportunities that are being made available to me.

I am convinced that if I had not given my best effort to the speaking opportunities where:

  • I wasn’t paid
  • I wasn’t appreciated
  • only one or two people showed up

these current opportunities would not even be a possibility.

And how exactly does this apply to you and your dreams?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Your faithfulness in smaller opportunities determines the possibility for bigger opportunities.

Small opportunities are a test.
Small opportunities are a blessing.
Small opportunities are a necessity.

Through small opportunities you will…

Gain experience in your field.
Build confidence in your abilities.
Develop mastery over your craft.

Small opportunities come first.

Enjoy them. Appreciate them. Embrace them.