As I aim to fulfill every unique purpose for which I was created, I find myself going through the following four phases over and over again.

Prayerfully, a description of the following phases can provide some insight as to where you are in your journey and how you can go about moving forward.

Phase One : Awareness of Purpose

In the beginning, you realize…

There is a unique purpose for which you were created.
There is more to life than just paying the bills and living for the weekends.
There is discomfort that you will experience until you start pursuing your purpose.

Phase Two : Pursuit of Purpose

As a result, you begin…

Taking action. Trying ideas. Serving people.
Using your gifts, talents and abilities regularly.
Realizing that apart from God’s blessing and guidance your efforts are futile.

Phase Three : Surrender of Purpose

At that point, you submit…

Your purpose back to God.
Your control over the results.
Your idea of fulfillment for God’s idea of fulfillment.

Phase Four : Fulfillment of Purpose

And before you know it, you accomplish…

More than you thought you would.
Things you never thought were possible.
Results that lead you to your next assignment!

Realize. Begin. Submit. Accomplish.

Four Phases. One Result.
God’s purposes for your life…fulfilled.