Bear down. Focus. Concentrate. BE DISCIPLINED!

You aren't getting any younger, the days aren't getting any longer, and your calling isn't going to get any easier.

Make every moment of every day this month matter. Routine is your friend.

Wake up at 6:30am.
Take Merritt out to go to the bathroom.
Feed Merritt.
Play with Merritt.
Eat breakfast and do daily devotions.
Read at least 10 pages of a good book.
Post a 100-word blog post.
Be in office by 9am.
Write down 6 most important work items you need to accomplish.
Start working on the first one until it is complete.
Focus and work through list one task at a time.
Feed yourself and feed Merritt at 12:30p.
Get back to work.
Run at least 2 miles.
Pray with Rebekah and be in bed by 10:30pm. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

In regards to your health, this is the month you make drastic changes!

You are getting overweight. You are slowing down on the basketball court. Your face is getting fat and your belly is getting big. Take a hard look at the reality of your health. At 33, are your best days of health behind you? Is it all just going to get worse from here on out?!? Wake up PAZ!

Take control of your health situation and commit yourself to the daily disciplines that compounded over time will result in a healthier you.

Eat cereal for breakfast. Eat salads for lunch and dinner. Drink water (lots of it). Do at least 10 push-ups every. single. day. (It's a pathetic amount. Commit to it!) Run at least 2 miles. You have a half-marathon that you will run on Saturday, March 26. You need to do at least 20 training runs between now and then, including a long run of at least 10 miles.

The way you will feel each day after executing each of your disciplines will be way better than you will feel the moment you neglect your disciplines because of your laziness.

This is your month. The only thing standing between you and a month filled with productivity and life change is YOU.

Get after it. Make each day your masterpiece. The best month of your life awaits you!