Over the last several years I have continually said, "Yes" to exchanging my hopes and dreams for my life for God's plans and purposes for my life.

I shut down a non-profit organization I had started. I transitioned into full-time vocational ministry. I remained faithful with a student ministry and young adult ministry. I followed through with the decision to plant a church. I built a team to plant with me. I committed to plant in the city of Oakland. I moved to the city of Oakland. I went back to school to complete my BA in Pastoral Studies. I raised an "impossible" amount of funds. And I am currently doing my best to create a church that people who don't like church like to attend.

I'm so glad I have said "Yes."

I could have said "No." I could have made excuses. I could have waited. I could have let the obstacles, setbacks and challenges discourage me. I could have allowed fear to win.

But by the grace of God, I said, "Yes" and I'm so glad that I did! Because tonight, I'm convinced to a degree that I have never been before that:

Every time I say "Yes" to God's will for my life, I am saying "Yes" to God's best for my life!

It's amazing to think that a simple three-letter word could change my life for the better in ways that I could have never imagined.

The challenge that I have before me today is to continue to say "Yes" to God's purposes and plans for my life especially when it would be much more convenient to say...No.