#333 - 31 - PART TWO

Today I turned 31 making tomorrow the first day of the 32nd year of my life.

And though last year was, by far, the best year of my life, it is my hope and prayer that this year will be even better.

But for this year to be even better than the last, I must be intentional and focused. With that said, here are three things I'm going to prioritize in my life this upcoming year.

  1. Loving Jesus out of a greater understanding of His love for me. This year I want to grow in my understanding of Christ's love for me. I aim to do this by taking my commitment to reading God's Word to another level. It is through a deeper commitment to God's Word that I will come to a greater awareness of who Christ is and how wide His love for me reaches.
  2. Loving my wife like Christ loved the Church. As I grow in my understanding of Christ love for me and His Church, I will love my wife more deeply and selflessly. It is my intention that by the end of the year, my wife will be able to proudly say that I have loved her like Christ loved the Church more than ever before.
  3. Taking care of my body out of a greater understanding that it is the only one I will ever have. As I get older, I realize that taking care of my health is more important than ever before. This year, I will make an even greater commitment to my health than I will to the leading of the church. The truth is, I cannot be spiritually healthy leader if I am a physically unhealthy leader.

I look forward to this blog being a home for much of my reflections on how I am living up to these priorities and commitments this upcoming year!