Though I have many weeks to go before I have preached through the book of Revelation in its entirety, I just finished writing my third sermon from the book, and I wanted to share some reflections on what I’ve experienced in my study and sermons thus far.

  1. Because I am clear on why I’m preaching through the book, what I choose to preach from the book is much clearer to me. (This is probably true for any book of the Bible you choose to preach through, but I’ve found this particularly helpful for the monstrosity that is the book of Revelation!) Side note, my stated purpose for preaching through the book is: “Instead of being focused primarily on explaining when God is returning or how God is returning, we will study Revelation to gain a deeper understanding of the God WHO is returning.”

  2. Physically re-writing what I see happening in every sentence in the text has been a great aid in preparing me for my understanding and interpretation of the text. (Once again, this would probably be helpful in preparing me to interpret any book of the Bible I preach from.) Another side note: The ESV Scripture Journal from Crossway has been extremely helpful towards this end.

  3. It’s been in my study where the Spirit shows me what to say. (Again, this isn’t unique to the book of Revelation. God shows up in this way when I’m studying to preach from any book!) But, because preaching through Revelation is such a challenge and step of faith for me, I am amazed at (and thankful for) how God meets me during my study and preparation and guides me towards what he desires for me to say. I absolutely could not do this work if I did not encounter God in my study. This process is truly a miracle!

  4. The congregation is hungry for the Word! Whether it’s the book (Revelation is intriguing!) or the season of life that our people are in (or a combination of the two), I have never sensed such a strong hunger and desire at THEMOVEMENT.CHURCH for the teaching of God’s Word. Preaching is so much more fun when there are eager listeners! I am so thankful.

The bottom line is this: preaching through Revelation is turning our much better than I ever thought it would! (And I’m only 3 weeks in!)

I will most definitely write more reflections on preaching through the book of Revelation as the weeks go along, but in light of the things I’ve shared above, I am so thankful for what God is doing through this teaching series. Though it hasn’t been easy, God has been faithful, and I am thankful!