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The New Home of the Golden State Warriors!

The New Home of the Golden State Warriors!

I had absolutely no intentions of going to this game.

It was the very first NBA basketball game to be played in the new Chase Center in San Francisco, and though it was a preseason game, tickets were still crazy expensive. I was fully prepared to enjoy the game on TNT.

Then, less than two hours before tip-off, I get a call from an old friend who is a VP for CLARK Construction. This friend of mine played a major role in facilitating the deal between the Golden State Warriors and CLARK Construction to work together to build the arena. Not only did he help facilitate the deal, but over the two years that the arena was being built, he also oversaw the project in a major way as well.

He tells me that the people he had invited to go to the game bailed, and he asked if I was interested in going. I said, without hesitation, ABSOLUTELY!

Then, I found out he had theater box seats! FREE full buffet. FREE cocktails. FREE tickets.

Favor also means feasting!

Favor also means feasting!

The game was great. The arena was beautiful. The opportunity to catch up with an old friend was priceless.

But tonight, I was reminded of a truth that God has revealed to me time and time again (and hopefully it’s a truth that you can be encouraged by as well!):

Cost can price you out, but the favor of God can get you in!

You can take that to the bank!