I am currently in a season of my life where I have been blessed with great opportunities.

Opportunities to lead.
Opportunities to teach.
Opportunities to create.
Opportunities to impact.
Opportunities to disciple.
Opportunities to pioneer.

I am so thankful for these many opportunities, but with these opportunities comes a responsibility that, often times, is heavy.

The responsibility of effectively leading a brand new church, that impacts a city, can be daunting. The responsibility of creatively preparing messages, that communicate the heart of God, can be overwhelming. The responsibility of wisely handling the resources, that I've been entrusted with, can be intimidating.

And most days, I feel so under-qualified, ill-prepared and un-deserving of the opportunities given and the responsibility that is attached to them.

And though the above may be true, today, I find rest in the following truth:

The same God who gives me the opportunity is with me in the responsibility.

I am not alone in my leading.
I am not alone in my teaching.
I am not alone in my discipling.
I am not alone in my preparing.
I am not alone in my pioneering.
I am not alone in my fundraising. (Thank God for that!)

I do not have to bear the burden of my responsibilities all by myself.

God is with me.

And it is because of that fact that I choose to boldly move forward with every opportunity I am given!