My 31st birthday is a little over two weeks away and, as each year goes by, I am made more aware of how important it is that I maintain a certain level of physical fitness.

It's depressing to feel myself get short of breath walking up a couple flights of stairs. It's discouraging coming to the realization that certain pants that I own don't fit like they used to. It's disgusting seeing my stomach through my shirt!

And it is with all that in mind that I am also convinced that it is deceiving to think that I can continue to maintain the same unhealthy eating and inconsistent exercise habits and expect myself to get in better shape.

I need to face reality, and stop living in the memory of my past physical accomplishments.

I cannot run half-marathon/marathon distances like I used to.
I cannot play full court basketball for hours on end like I used to.
I cannot lift the amount of weight and do the amount of sets like I used to.

But I can do something about it.

I can play basketball a few times a week.
I can do a few sets of crunches every day.
I can run on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day.

These are the things that I know I can do and these are the things that I know I must do. I will not accept the fact that the days of being in my best physical shape are behind me. Instead, today I resolve to make the 31st year of my life the healthiest year of my life!