#642 - RENO DAY 4

Brought staff Chick-Fil-A breakfast to get off-site started off right.
The primary word God gave me in terms of how to lead this off-site was to pray.
Found out it was the National Day of Prayer.
Spent first 2 hours of off-site in corporate prayer.
Prayer each element of Lord's Prayer with team.
So convinced that prayer is the work.
Spent next couple of hours listing how God has moved in our church over the last four months.
God has been so good to theMOVEMENT Church.
So much grace. So much favor. So much activity. So much transformation. 
We are in the MIDDLE of a movement!
Shared some ideas around what our next Thematic Goal should be.
Recorded a video testimonial for Living Stones Church. So thankful for their partnership and faithfulness in investing in church planting. I pray our church can support church planting to the depth that they do one day. 
Enjoyed lunch with staff at Cane's. Absolutely delicious chicken fingers.
Spent the next 6 hours of the day breaking down our goals for the next 4 months.
So thankful for Brook, Bekah, and AJ. 
The compound effect of working together with them every week over the last 2+ years is starting to show itself.
One of the evidences of God's favor in my life is the staff He has blessed me with.
Our church is blessed to be served by such committed staff members.