#641 - RENO DAY 3

Session 5 - Harvey Turner on Diversity. Love his pastoral heart. He's one of my favorite leaders and pastors. Hands down.
My wife was brought up in front of all 650+ attendees to be honored for her hard work and excellence in putting together the conference. I am so proud of her. So excited for how God is using her gifts to serve the big "C" Church. So glad she is getting the recognition she deserves. She is a real. deal. leader!
Session 6 - Michael Crawford on boldness, courage, and moving away from being a "domesticated" Church! Truly prophetic talk. So inspired. So encouraged. So committed to doing "hard things" for Christ's sake!
Ate all you can eat sushi with the team to debrief conference and enjoy one last meal together.
Church conferences are so much more enjoyable when a hungry (both physically and spiritually!), dedicated team joins you!
Cancelled evening off-site session with staff. My brain was fried. We'll get an early start tomorrow morning instead.