Heavenly Father...

As I endeavor to preach, tomorrow, about the implications and impact of your past resurrection on our present and future lives, I desperately need your help. I am so convinced that regardless of how accurately, enthusiastically, or compellingly I preach the text, without the power of your Holy Spirit, my words are impotent to change a heart of stone. Lord, grace my words and grace our service with a pouring out of your Holy Spirit that will soften the hearts, open the eyes, unlock the ears, and renew the minds of everyone in attendance. 

But I also ask that your Holy Spirit would fall on me even now as I make my final preparations for tomorrow's message. Though I am desperate for your Holy Spirit to work powerfully tomorrow to do supernatural things with my natural words, I also need the Holy Spirit now to guide me as I prepare my natural words. Help me to say only that which will lead towards your will being accomplished in the lives of those who hear the message. Help me to decipher what should be said to our congregation on this Easter Sunday for your glory. 

Holy Spirit, fall tomorrow as I preach, but also, fall now as I prepare.  

I need you Lord.

In Jesus name,