The other day, I wrote about what pastor's do. Today, because I have a pastoral team meeting with the group of pastors I am privileged to serve with at theMOVEMENT, I want to share a little bit of insight in regards to what pastor's talk about.

The following is the agenda for tonight's bi-monthly pastoral team meeting. All leadership team meetings at theMOVEMENT (including pastoral team meetings) are outlined using the five values of the church as a guide.  

RESOLUTE GRATITUDE (Thanksgiving > Entitlement)

  • How do you see God moving powerfully in your life?
  • Where do you see God moving in a personal weakness or struggle?
  • How do you see God moving in specific people in the church who you are pastoring?
  • What else do we see God doing at theMOVEMENT that we are grateful for?
  • Financial Update. 

SELFLESS TRANSPARENCY (Truth-Telling > Image-Protecting)

  • My emotional and spiritual health
  • My marriage
  • Sexology Series Debrief

LIFELONG LEARNING (Growth > Complacency)

  • Baptism & Membership Discussion

EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP (Development > Excellence)

  • Pastoral Candidate Process Conversation
  • Current/Future Pastoral Candidates
  • Summer Pastoral Team Retreat 
  • Music Ministry Leadership Team Update
  • Vote on New Member Candidates

AUDACIOUS FAITH (Courage > Comfort)

  • Where the teaching is headed
  • Creating a Culture of Invitation Evaluation
  • Our next Thematic Goal
  • Enlarge Territory Corporate Prayer