This past week one of the kids in our church asked me what my job was! Haha! Though he's only 8 years old, he does know that I preach on Sundays, but he didn't think that was enough to be my actual job.

But, I don't think this 8 year-old kid is alone in his thinking! Many people don't understand what a pastor does on a weekly basis. 

So in an effort to paint a picture of what a week in the life of a pastor looks like (and to list all the things that I actually have to do this week!) here is a list of many of the things that I will do between now and Sunday afternoon.

  1. Design/Send Out MovementWeekly (Email Newsletter)
  2. Send out Pastoral Team Meeting Reminder Email
  3. Prepare agenda for Friday's Pastoral Team Meeting
  4. Lead Friday's Pastoral Team Meeting
  5. Re-Design 1-1 Discipleship Relationship "Cheat Sheet"
  6. Prepare agenda for Sunday's Discipleship Meeting
  7. Lead Sunday's Discipleship Meeting
  8. Record Discipleship Meeting Video Invite
  9. Prepare Keynote Slides for Sunday's Message
  10. Preach Sunday's Message
  11. Book reservations at Reno restaurant for Acts 29 Bay Area gathering
  12. Send Email to Acts 29 Bay Area Pastors with info for Reno
  13. Facilitate group on Thursday
  14. Send out MovementMusic Leadership Team Email
  15. 1-1 meeting with a staff member
  16. 1-1 meeting with Principal of Elmhurst 
  17. Dinner meeting with 2 families who are new to the church
  18. 1-1 meeting with a ministry leader
  19. 1-1 meeting with a Bay Area Church Planter  
  20. 1-1 meeting with a former church member
  21. Phone call with a church member
  22. 1 Pre-Marital Counseling Session

Hopefully this list can help you see that pastoring is so much more than preaching a message on Sunday mornings!

Keep your pastor in your prayers! His list is, very likely, similar to mine! And, if you're reading this, and I'm your pastor, please keep me in your prayers! I would surely appreciate them!