On the last day of the Acts 29 Healthy Leaders Conference, I had the opportunity to hear Matt Chandler, a preacher and leader who I've been encouraged and inspired by for years, preach live for the very first time! Though his message was abbreviated, God used him to deliver a particular word that I desperately needed to be reminded of.

At one point in the message he referenced the importance of pastors killing their desire to compare. He basically said that if God wanted a particular "rock star" pastor to be in the location that I am, he would have put him there! He went on to say that by desiring the skills, abilities, influence, and style that another pastor has, we are actually questioning and belittling God's choice of us! 

For a leader like myself who is, often times, insecure in my abilities, age, and experience, this was both encouraging and convicting all at the same time! Who am I to question why God placed me with my skill set, in this place, at this time? Though my qualifications may be questionable, God's ability to qualify is unquestionable! In other words, God did not make a mistake when he chose Edward Paz to be the Lead Pastor of theMOVEMENT Church in Oakland, California! (Just writing that is freeing!)

He then communicated this little phrase that should drive us to confidently pursue and operate in the calling and assignment that we've been given:

"Him. In me. Here."

God. In me. In Oakland. This is why I can lead boldly. This is why I can preach passionately. This is why I can believe audaciously. 

God. In me. In Oakland. I don't have to mimic someone else's style. I don't have to adopt someone else's approach. I don't have to envy someone else's gifts. 

God. In me. In Oakland. This is not only the source of my confidence, but it is also the wellspring of my humility. It is God who is building His Church. It is God who is blessing my work. It is God who is bringing His promises to come to pass.

But this word does not only apply to me. It applies to you as well. Because God is in you where you are, you should be encouraged as well!

God. In you. At work. God. In you. At school. God. In you. At home. God. In you. In failure. God. In you. In success. God. In you. While you're waiting. God. In you. When you're thriving. 

Because God is in you where you are, you're exactly where you're supposed to be. OWN IT.