Though I absolutely love social media and the power it has to connect people, spread ideas, deliver content, and create opportunities, there is one peril that I find myself struggling to keep at bay...

Comparison. The thief of joy. The hijacker of peace. The culprit of contentment. Comparison is the worst.

Comparison kills. It's amazing how quickly comparison can not only make you dissatisfied with your life, but also how it can make you resent the people who have what you want. Which results in... 

Jealousy. The son of comparison. The brother of envy. And the father of discontent. Jealousy is an invisible prison that no one can set you free from but yourself. 

So how have I decided to fight off the destructive forces of comparison and jealousy and how would I encourage you to do the same?


Exchange envying for creating. Quit comparing by creating. Replace coveting with creating.

If you see a quality of relationship you'd like to have, create it. If you see a level of influence you'd like to attain, create it. If you see an amount of wealth you'd like to accumulate, create it.

Get so busy creating that you have no time for comparing. 

Stay in your lane. Run your race. Enjoy your journey. 

You and I must no longer let what God has given to someone else blind us from what he has already given to us.

God has given you dreams. God has given you purposes. God has given you ideas. God has given you resources. God has given you gifts, talents, and abilities. Now go and put those things to work.

You were created by a Creator to create...not to compare.