Slept in. Past noon. Felt so good.
Spent some extended time journaling and read through the book of John. So thankful for Christ.
Handled some work stuff. 
Worked on my “special project.” 
Ate dinner at McDonald’s. Don’t judge me. First time this whole trip. 
Had the NBA playoff games on in the background while I worked on my “special project.” 
Lebron James is INCREDIBLE. So is Russell Westbrook. So is James Harden. Can’t wait till Steph gets back. 
Got a phone call from someone at the church who needed encouragement. So honored to be an extension of Christ’s love in circumstances like that. 
Worked on “special project” THROUGH. THE. NIGHT! 
When I’m inspired, I’m inspired! 
Went straight down to breakfast at 7am.  
Went to bed at 8:30am.  Haven’t done that in a long time!