Up bright and early. Flight out to OKC.
Slept my entire flight. 
Decided to take a taxi to my hotel from the airport instead of an Uber. Bad idea! 
13 miles cost $40! 
Thankfully, at the end of my ride, the driver only charged me $20 because of my sticker shock. I gave him $30 for the gesture. He really didn’t have to do that.  
Was able to check in to my hotel early. 
Walked to Chili’s. Ate dinner. 
Walked to the mall. Didn’t spend any money. Proud. 
Walked to Wal-Mart to pick up drinks for myself. Water. Gatorade. Peach Ice Tea. Vanilla Frappuchino. Dr. Pepper. Just a few of my favorites. 
Enjoyed watching the Warriors take care of the Spurs. The next round against the Pelicans is going to be good. (My wife actually alluded to getting me tickets!) 
Worked on my “special project!” 
I praise God for this much needed time to myself.