#576 - THE NEXT 9 DAYS

Tomorrow morning, my wife and I will fly to Atlanta, Georgia. Half the time will be spent in Marietta, Georgia at a missions conference, and the other half of the time will be spent in Savannah, Georgia resting and relaxing. 

Though I'm thankful for the time away, when we return there will be a whirlwind of events and activities in our life and in the life of our church.

With that in mind, in an attempt to maximize these next 9 days and prepare for the days following the trip, here are my primary goals and objectives during my time away.


  • Strengthen relationships with friends at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.
  • Serve humbly, faithfully, and courageously as a Breakout Session Panelist and as a Main Session Speaker.
  • Connect and engage with church planters in the Bay Area.


  • Rest.
  • Eat good food and spend quality time with my wife.
  • Finish first 2 messages in Sexology series.

For me, in the midst of chaos, specificity and clarity brings peace.

If you find yourself anxious or overwhelmed by all the stuff that's on your plate, I encourage you to write a list. Get it out of your head and put in on a piece of paper (or note on your phone). 

Even the most daunting tasks seem smaller when they are reduced to a single line!