Today I moved to my third home in Oakland since first moving here in January of 2013. Though I am excited about being in a bigger home with great views of both Oakland and San Francisco, I also find myself somewhat saddened at the fact that I am moving from a home where some great memories were made.

Over the last year and a half, my home provided the space for family parties, staff meetings, community groups, significant conversations and, best of all, watching both the San Francisco Giants and the Golden State Warriors win their latest championships! 

But as good as the moments and memories in my last home were, I must not forget...

To fully embrace the new seasons ahead, I must be willing to leave the old seasons behind. 

In no way do I have to forget the fond memories of a prior season, but I must not allow myself to get stuck in an old season.  I must not allow myself to believe that my best memories are behind me.

Instead, I must thank God for the past season and all of its' blessings and be expectant of what great things he has in store!

God forbid I miss out on the blessings in my future because I was unwilling to move on from the memories from my past. 

But enough about me.  

Though you may not be physically moving from one home to another, do you need to have a "moving day" of your own? 

What is it from your past that you need to move on from so you can be better positioned to receive all that God has for your future?

What is it from your past that you need to no longer dwell upon so that you can have the emotional energy to pour into the opportunities that are presently before you?  

What is it from your past that you need to thank God for and just. move. on?

Identify it. Pack your bags. And move.  

A more fulfilling destination awaits.