I don't know about you, but the type of person who "gets under my skin" and frustrates me the most is "The Critic." The person who spends a majority of their energies criticizing the work of others, the passions of others, the dreams of others, the social media feeds of others, the attempts of others, the friendships of others, the shortcomings of others - these are the people that I have a hard time loving!

Their criticism is bothersome not only because it often times brings negative energy to what is a world already filled with so much negativity, but also because criticism is so easy!

It take no effort to criticize! All you need to speak negatively about a person, a group of people, or an organization is a mouth and an opinion, and everyone has one!  

But in an effort to not become overly critical of "The Critic," here is a tweet I read today by Lecrae which I believe can help all of us with our tendency to become overly critical.

It's better to create something that others criticize than to create nothing and criticize others. - Lecrae

Instead of criticizing, create.

Instead of criticizing someone else's business, create a successful business of your own. Instead of criticizing someone else's art, create beautiful art of your own. Instead of criticizing someone else's relationships create flourishing relationships of your own. Instead of criticizing someone else's contribution, create a valuable contribution of your own! 

It's usually the people who aren't doing much of anything that have an opinion about everything. Don't be that guy. Don't be that girl. Instead...

Become so busy creating that you have no time to criticize!

What you'll find is that true creatives don't criticize the creativity of others because they understand how hard it is to actually create! True creatives understand the energy and effort that goes into creating something of value. True creatives understand the fear of failure that one has to overcome when creating. True creatives understand the courage that it takes to "go public" with their art. 

Make the decision, today, to exchange your critical eye for a creative's hand. The world doesn't need your criticism. It needs your contribution.