How do you lead leaders? How do you lead the individuals that add the most value to your organization? How do you lead the people that day in and day out are moving the mission of your organization forward?

These are questions that I ask myself often, and, fortunately, I came across a resource by Nelson Searcy entitled, "Shepherding Your Staff: How to Ensure the Spiritual Health of Those You Lead" that has provided some tremendous insight into how I can do this more effectively. Here is the outline of the thoughts in the resource that I hope can be helpful to you as you lead leaders! 


  • Set Direction

    Are the leaders in your organization clear on the organization's Mission, Vision, and Values? Are the leaders in your organization clear on their roles and responsibilities? Direction is set by making leaders aware of and accountable for both the MACRO and the MICRO goals of the organization.  
  • Bring Alignment

    Are the leaders in your organization clear on their expectations? Are the leaders in your organization experiencing effective meetings? Are the leaders in your organization given opportunity to give feedback? Alignment is brought through clear expectations, effective meetings, and a culture of feedback.
  • Maximize Strengths

    Are you getting the most out of the leaders in your organization? Are you getting "A" work out of your "A" players? Strengths are maximized by identifying the value a leader can bring to the organization and by holding them accountable to bringing that value. 


  • Train Completely

    Are you training your leaders to do everything you're expecting them to do? Are you training them to do their ministry well? Are you training them to live their life well? Leaders are fed when they are trained completely in ministry and in life.
  • Praise Publicly

    Are you giving credit to the leaders on your team publicly? How are you praising your leaders either in front of the entire organization or in front of your other leaders? Leaders are fed when they are praised publicly.
  • Pastor Spiritually

    Are you praying for your leaders? Are you checking in on their spiritual disciplines? Are you asking them about the health of their spiritual life? Leaders are fed when they are pastored spiritually. 


  • Build Boundaries

    Are you building boundaries around your leaders' schedule? Are you encouraging your leaders to take a Sabbath? Are you building boundaries around your leaders' accessibility? Protect your leaders by building boundaries around both their work life and home life. 
  • Confront Privately

    Are you confronting your key leaders quickly, clearly, and completely? Are you speaking ill of your leaders when they are not present? Protect your leaders by confronting them privately and by speaking highly of them in public. 
  • De-Hire Appropriately

    Are you keeping someone in a position that they are not suited for? Are you keeping someone on the team who is harming the culture more than they are helping it? Do you need to move someone from one team to another? Is a particular leader having trouble growing with the organization? Protect your leaders by firing them appropriately!

Which one of these approaches can you implement today to more effectively lead your leaders? Please leave your comments below, I'd really like to know!