The leadership journey is hard. The leadership journey is long. The leadership journey is frustrating. The leadership journey is exhausting.

How can you last? How can you endure? How can you continue, especially on the days when you want to quit?

Many things can be said, but lately, there has been one thought, one idea, one mantra that has been driving me to continue to put one foot in front of the other. The mantra is this:

I will be here 30 years from now.

I will be here 30 years from now. In 30 years, I will still be leading this organization. In 30 years, I will still be pursuing our organization's mission. In 30 years, I will still be discovering, developing, and deploying leaders.  

When I think about the goal and vision of being here 30 years from now, I am inspired. I am energized. I am invigorated. 

The current troubles. The current concerns. The current conflicts. The current challenges. The current roadblocks. All of the difficulties seem much smaller in light of a 30 year commitment to the process.

When you have pre-determined that you will lead in the capacity you are in for 30 years, when troubles arise, only one option makes itself available to you: ENDURE.

What benefits do you see to a 30-year commitment? Please leave your comments below, I'd really like to know!